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Willaim Wright

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Have you tried nitro coffee yet?

Nitro coffee is gaining increasing popularity, with numerous restaurants and coffee chains around the world adding it to their menus. In summary, nitro coffee refers to a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, resulting in an incredibly creamy black coffee with a texture reminiscent of a high-quality brown or black beer.

Cold brew coffee
Cold brew, or cold extracted coffee, should not be confused with iced coffee. During the preparation of cold brew, fresh coffee grounds are rinsed in room temperature water for 10-12 hours, and then filtered at the end of the process. The coffee does not come into contact with hot water, so due to chemical processes different from traditional brewing methods, the coffee is softer, sweeter and contains less acid, making it less harsh on the stomach. Despite having lower caffeine content, it has a long-lasting effect.

Nitro cold brew coffee
The addition of nitrogen gas to cold brew coffee not only affects its texture but also its flavor. As a result, the drink tastes sweeter even without adding sugar, honey, or any other sweetener. There is no need to add dairy products either, as the texture of nitro coffee on its own is exceptionally smooth, lacking the typical „harshness” of regular coffee. In coffee shops, nitro coffee is often served using equipment similar to a beer tap, but it can also be easily prepared at home using LISS nitrogen cartridges and a whipped cream dispenser.

LISS Nitrogen Charger
LISS Nitrogen Chargers provides not only baristas and mixologists but also home enthusiasts with the opportunity to expand their beverage offerings. It can be used to enhance not only cold coffee but also teas, cocktails, and other specialty drinks. It creates a creamy texture and enhances the flavor of the beverages. It can be used with any whipped cream dispensers.

Benefits and features:

  • Quick and easy.
  • Batch make cocktails for speed and efficiency.
  • Fully recyclable once used – can be placed in the recycling bin with your drink cans and bottles.
  • Use one charger for each 500 ml volume of liquid.
  • Use to flavour infuse with all natural ingredients (cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs etc).


  • Fill the cream whipper with liquid ingredients.
  • Screw on the head hand tight to ensure a seal is made.
  • Insert LISS Nitrogen Charger into charger holder.
  • Tighten charger holder to pressurise the device.
  • Shake the cream whipper before each serve for best results.
  • Dispense into a clear glass for best effect.

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