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Power for your Innovations

Precision is Key: Our Commitment to Crafting High-Quality Industrial Cartridges

Welcome to our world of premium industrial cartridges! We take pride in delivering uncompromising quality and precision to our customers. We specialize in producing top-of-the-line industrial cartridges that are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. Our products are carefully crafted with the latest technology and materials to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Whether you need cartridges for automotive, aerospace, or industrial applications, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible solution.

From Concept to Completion

We take pride in providing customized manufacturing solutions, stringent quality control measures, and continuous partnership to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. Our range of food-grade cartridges and chargers are the perfect complement to your culinary creations. From concept to completion, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs are met and that the end result exceeds expectations. Let us help you bring your culinary vision to life with our top-of-the-line products and unmatched customer service.

Custom Production

We offer personalized solutions for product execution such as color, packaging, and delivery. We are ready to bring our clients' ideas to life from planning to final execution, including custom cartridge labels and packaging options.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support. We offer up-to-date information on our new products, their uses, and promotions. We can create informational sheets and brochures tailored to our customers' specific needs

Shipping Assistance

We understand that shipping can often be a complex and challenging process, particularly for international deliveries. Our team has years of experience working with various shipping providers and customs agencies

Continuous Service

We offer continuous maintenance and repair services for our soda and whipped cream dispensers. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and we maintain a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee clear identification of raw materials to ensure traceability throughout the manufacturing process, including documentation and the ability to identify production batches through our verified system.

Environmental Thinking

We are committed to examining the environmental impact of our activities and striving to minimize any negative effects and prevent pollution. We regularly assess our processes to ensure sustainability on a daily basis.

Get to Know Our High Performance Solutions in More Detail

Our high performance solutions and special cartridges are avaiable with variuous gas filling (e.g. carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, argon, nitrogen and oxygen) and in different sizes. They can be used for medical purposes, in the food industry, including wine preservation or even beer taps. We also have chargers suitable for sporting purposes, such as sport weapons, bicycle pumps as well as fire extinguishers and for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.

LISS 12 g CO2 cartridges are compatible with any airgun, airsoft, paintball, bike tire inflator or other device which requires a 12 g CO2 cartridge.
The cartridges contain 12 g of natural carbon dioxide.
These cartridges help the fast shooting.

Capacity: 14 ml
Item No.: 2394
Box/cardboard: 96
Weight/cardboard: 20 kg
Size/cardboard: 34.5×28.5×15 cm

Cylinders for beer and beverage service. Fit all brands of taps.
The cylinder contains 16 grams of natural carbon dioxide.

Capacity: 21 ml
Item No.: 2395
Box/cardboard: 30
Weight/cardboard: 18 kg
Size/cardboard: 34.5×28.5×15 cm

ItemWater capacity (ml)Nominal weight of gas content (g)Overall diameter (mm)Overall lenght (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Filling pressure (MPa)Common description (Tipical use)
01110-420010.759.525.47.38Microcylinder (medical use)
03110-42001.51.1259.538.17.38Microcylinder (medical use)
11810-5E149.97.618673/8″-24 UNF-2A8Cleaning use
14410-561410.47.618648.78Food aplication
30110-K2191411.518.582.4max. 7.498Sport
33410-561914.311.518.582.58.658Sport, fire imflantion
33810-5E1914.311.518.582.53/8″-24 UNF-2A8Food aplication
58810-5E2821162288.43/8″-24 UNF-2A8Sport, fire imflantion
58410-562821162288.48.658Sport, fire imflantion
72810-5E3633.52525.41073/8″-24 UNF-2A8Sport
74810-5E4146.83325.41403/8″-24 UNF-2A8Sport
78810-5E4653.538301183/8″-24 UNF-2A8Sport
81810-8H546545301405/8″-18 UNF-2A8Sport
84710-8C751188835200M 16 x 1.58Paintball
ItemWater capacity (ml)Nominal weight of gas content (g)Overall diameter (mm)Overall lenght (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Filling pressure (MPa)Common description (Tipical use)
12320-241410.67.618658.77.2Food aplication
58320-24262115.52288.48.67.2Medical use
ItemWater capacity (ml)Nominal weight of gas content (g)Overall diameter (mm)Overall lenght (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Filling pressure (MPa)Common description (Tipical use)
58430-5605213.42288.48.6512.3Wine preservation
ItemWater capacity (ml)Nominal weight of gas content (g)Overall diameter (mm)Overall lenght (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Filling pressure (MPa)Common description (Tipical use)
01150-42001max 0.2129.5225.47.318.7Medical use
03150-42001.5max 0.3509.5238.17.320.4Medical use
30150-K202141.818.582.4max. 7.4911.7Sport
ItemWater capacity (ml)Nominal weight of gas content (g)Overall diameter (mm)Overall lenght (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Filling pressure (MPa)Common description (Tipical use)
12340-240410.62.218658.618Food aplication

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