We, the staff of LISS Ltd, is working to meet our customers’ expectation at a high level. In the course of our business activities, we wish to provide an exemplary standard in the field of environmental protection and occupational healthcare management.

We pay a particular focus on the production, packaging, storage, delivery and use of our products to place only a minimum burden on the environment. We ensure the saving of environmental resources, the reduction of soil, water and air pollution, the professional management of hazardous wastes from our production, as well as the optimization and rationalization of specific energy consumption. We are searching for possibilities to prevent accident potentially endangering the environment and use respected environmental-friendly processes in planning new products and technologies.

We ensure the development and strengthening of, as well as the commitment to quality and environmental awareness via the inclusion of our human resources, furthermore, the practical implementation of projections via the utilization of staff capabilities and last but not least, the continuity of development via regular trainings and targeted incentive methods.

We permanently improve, review, control and evaluate the effective operation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) as well as the quality and environmental performance of our company.

For the health safety of our product types made as food additives, our Management System incorporates the elements of, as well as the methods for the observance and control of rules of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

We endeavour to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors, have them to accept and consider our quality and environmental principles, drive them to save the environment, as well as to think about quality and environmental awareness.

Based on the foregoing, each employee of the LISS Ltd professes and declare that:

Reliability of our products is the most important for us, this is why we consider our customer’s satisfaction as their utmost respect.

“Of course, quality is eternal just like the value of the state of our environment”