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  • LISS RETRO Cream Whippers

LISS RETRO Cream Whippers

LISS RETRO Cream Whippers Your secret helper!

LISS RETRO Cream Whippers are the perfect kitchen tools which whip up creams, flavored toppings and mousses in seconds! LISS RETRO Cream Whippers come with three differently shaped decorator tips. Both decorators are connected to the whipper head, allowing the decorator tips to be conveniently removed for cleaning while the whipper is under pressure.

The 0,5 l high impact aluminium bottle of the LISS RETRO Aluminium Whipper is enamelled in white or transparent color for easy cleaning.

Instruction for use (.pdf)


Product Description

Capacity: 0.5 liter
Box/cardboard: 4
Weight/cardboard: 3.3 kg
Size/cardboard: 18.5×18.5×31 cm


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