LISS Nitrogen Chargers

985 Ft

We are pleased to introduce our new product, the LISS Nitrogen chargers, which is produced with the same professional skill as the already known cream and soda chargers.

The Nitrogen Chargers not only allows the barists and mixers to expand the beverage supply,
but also for the renewal of home-made drinks, in addition to cold coffee, tea, cocktails and other beverage specialties.

The LISS Nitrogen Chargers contains 2.2 g of pure, food grade N2 gas. 1 charger is sufficient for 0.5 l of liquid, which makes the flavor of the drinks a creamy effect. It can be used into the whippers and siphons too.

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Capacity: 10.7 ml
Box/cardboard: 36
Weight/cardboard: 8.0 kg
Size/cardboard: 24x19x21 cm


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